Featheredwyngs (featheredwyngs) wrote in bostonanimefans,

Anime Boston 2006 Group Pre-Reg

Hey Guys, I thought a few of you might be interested in this information (if you are planning to go to Anime Boston and haven't pre-registered).

Harvard Anime Society is open to those affiliated with Harvard University and it's surrounding community. They will be attending the Anime Boston 2006 convention this year. If you are going and are located in the cambridge/boston area and have not pre-registered HAS is offering to include you in their group pre-reg if you contact them by Jan. 20th. (Group pre-reg is cheaper than individual). see: www.hcs.harvard.edu/~anime

If you have issues with housing they will try and help you out with that (either by use of dorms or sharing a hotel room with their members).

Email them for more information and specifics at: anime@hcs.harvard.edu
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