Anna B (annab14) wrote in bostonanimefans,
Anna B

Hello Hello!

Hey guys!
Some of you already know me.

And well, I don't live in Boston, but I figured I'd join the community and see what sort of anime stuff is goin on there...yeah

My favourites are Love Hina and Chobits, though I love many Hellsing, whee.

So uhhh...yeah, hey! ^__^
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welcome. just curious, but where ya from? im really big into Love Hina too (manga). um, i havent updated the site in a while, but i will soon. thanks for joining. ^__^
I'm from good old NH...goto school in Keene, but I live up in Meredith the rest of the year...right by Choley, she's one of my best friends ^_^

yea, im dumb. i realized after i posted that that ur choleys friend. my bad.
hey, its cool ^_^