Melinda; sellout ninja (teenagesellout) wrote in bostonanimefans,
Melinda; sellout ninja

New anime complete!

I've been busy lately with anime goodness.

I've watched Now and Then Here and There, and have begun to watch Urusei Yatsura and the original Sailor Moon series. Sailor Moon was the first anime I'd ever seen, but I used to watch it on TV and I would only catch it somedays, so I didn't know the full story.

As you probably know, Urusei Yatsura has a TON of discs. So far I have bought 6 of them, and it's getting expensive! Does anyone know a good place to get used Urusei Yatsura dvd's; either online or stores? I'd even be willing to rent them. (yes, I have tried ebay and; both charge around 15.00 for the dvd and shipping) I'm having trouble even FINDING a store that carries this series.

Also, I want to divulge a piece of info if people weren't aware; Netflix has a very extensive selection of anime for rental. Netflix DOES have the Urusei Yatsura movies, just not the series. They have full box sets of lots of anime series. I've already added Trigun, Evangelion, Sailor Moon Super S, Jubei Chan, GTO, etc. If you like to experiment with different anime and you're tired of buying box sets, spend 18 bucks a month and rent unlimited anime. (with Netflix, they give you 3 at a time, then when your discs are returned, they send you more from your list)

I'm also looking for some possible cosplay items; either Yuna from Final Fantasy, or Lum from Urusei Yatsura. I found a bunch of Yuna pieces on eBay, but none for Lum. Any ideas?
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