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im a bad, bad admin....

yea, i know... i havent put nething here in a long time. ill be putting some stuff on the website in a min, so yea. um.

ive been reading alot of manga lately and i really like Gunslinger Girl, Negima and Gate Keepers. I also really really like the anime of Gunslinger Girl. Quick over view on that - girls that cannot possibly have a normal life (disfigured, disabled, otherwise) are taken by the "social welfare agency" and given cybernetic bodies, although they still look like young girls. they are trained to use guns and each have a specific brother (fratello). it is based in italy, so alot of italian is incorporated. its good. if u liked the art and humor in Love Hina, Negima is a good choice (Ken Akamatsu's new manga!) i also really like Bakuretsu Tenshi (hehe, my user pic...) yea. its pretty much about these 4 chicks that go around saving the earth, and a bumbling teenage guy that stumbles across them. i like it. i guess thats about it for now.

check Anime Boston 2005 anime_boston out for registering for 2005. it costs less if u do it now (i still have to, but i will soon ^__^). yup.
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