Alli, who is not a bathtub (yogiri) wrote in bostonanimefans,
Alli, who is not a bathtub

Providence Masked Ball (Not the FF ball ^^; )

I'm sorry that I have to spam on my first post, but I thought this might interest you all. or

Its going to be a fancy anime/cosplay ball type of thing around Halloween, masks and everything, but we need more people to sign up so they can rent the hall and have admission under $30, So if you're interested, please spread the word. ^-^

You can check to see whats appropriate, the idea of "cosplay" is loosely defined here, so you can wear thinks like lolita, j-rock and Kimonos and things, and of course any kind of fancy orginal.

Sound good? I'm sorry again to spam ^^;

But anyway, about me...since it is my first post.

Name : Alli
Occupation : High school junior :P
Favorite anime : Spiral, Mantantei Loki, Pita Ten, Pretear, Kiddy Grade, blah blah blah.
Favorite Manga : Full Moon wo Sagashite
AIM : Youzora
Site :

Mmm..can't really think of anything else. ^^;

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