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I appreciate help

Hello fellow Bostonian anime fans. I am Helen, aka slvrfairewngs, and I am currently working on an article for class that involves anime. It's a trend article about the increased Japanese influence on American entertainment through anime, movies, and video games. I need 3 to 6 sources that back up my claim. I've thought of a few but I was wondering if anyone out there might be have any better ideas since I've only come up with two solid ones and a few other ones that stand less chance of actually working out. So if anyone can think of someone I can talk to that will be able to say "yes, more people here are intrested in these things" and are in a position where they can see this trend please reply to this post or email me.

Also, I noticed on the Anime Network website there was Cosplay chess at Harvard??? I have to say, I'm sorry I missed it. It sounds like something that would be amusing and awsome to see. Did anyone go?
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